As more of our seniors in Oakville find themselves depending on long term care homes, non-profit homes, services for seniors, nursing homes, retirement homes and assisted living centres there is a growing concern of neglect and abuse that these individuals face on a daily basis. Everyone deserves dignity and respect no matter their age. Unfortunately, our elder loved ones are some of society’s most vulnerable people that are very often unable to protect themselves against physical and emotional abuse of staff that do not adhere to proper policy and guidelines.


The result of nursing home negligence commonly results in serious injury, chronic ulcers and bedsores, bone fractures, falls, including patients falling out of bed, improper medication issued and open wounds not being treated which lead to infections. The Ontario Ministry of Health maintains high standards, guidelines and procedures which it expects the nursing home to meet- which every nursing home needs to be familiar and comply with during administration.


Emotional abuse is another form of abuse elders face at the hands of professionals who care for them. There are reported instances of the separation of married couples disallowing them to reside together in joint rooms. Some forget these residents are couples who have sometimes spent the majority of their life together raising families and participating in activities together.
Our Oakville personal injury lawyers are nursing home resident advocates that are of the strong belief that a nursing home resident or elderly has the full right to proper care, proper treatment, and the right to compensation when that care of treatment is denied or abused.

Our team of Oakville nursing home negligence lawyers can help explain your legal rights with no obligation. We are committed to assisting injured victims and will help these victims understand their rights and how they can achieve their goals of recovery.

If you suspect that a loved one has become the victim of emotional or physical abuse or neglect and or improper treatment it is vital that you document any issues or unexplained injuries you may notice, differences in the attitude of your loved ones emotional and physical health, weight loss or weight gain or any other differences.

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