Oakville Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

hit and run accident occurs when an automobile that flees and that is not identified by the police is called by legal definition “an unidentifiable automobile”.

If you or a loved one was hit by a car that did not remain at the scene of the accident- call our office today, we can help you.

In Ontario, your auto insurance policy is required to provide “unidentified and uninsured motorists provisions” to protect you if you were hit by a hit and run driver. This means if you were involved in a hit and run accident and the driver/ automobile is not determined, then you can in fact turn to your own insurance company to compensate you for your pain and suffering that was caused to you by a hit and run driver. In order to make this claim you have to have car insurance, or be a named insured, under policy or be a dependant of the policy holder.


When an unidentified motorist claim is filed, it can be very challenging to investigate, settle or bring to trial. All of the evidence concerning the accident is normally within the knowledge of the injured person- you. There are certain things you or a loved one should try to do right after the accident. Firstly, if you are not hospitalized, contact the police and report the accident within 24 hours or as soon as you can. You should also set out all of the details of the accident inclusive of injury and property damage to your car insurance company immediately. Your vehicle will need to be inspected immediately after the hit and run. You should also provide proof of the claim for damages which we can assist with. Lastly, you need to provide to your insurance company any other insurance policy through which you may have recourse. This means if you are collecting short-term/long-term disability, employment insurance or CPP you must notify your insurance company.

Given the difficult rules and regulations that you must follow if you are injured by a driver that did not remain at the scene of an accident or in a hit and run accident, it is best that you speak to an experienced Oakville personal injury lawyer about accident insurance without any delay.

In addition, if there are no insurance policies to access then our Oakville accident lawyers can assist you with proceeding with an application to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund which is essentially your last resort.

Our personal injury lawyers in Oakville have the experience and skills to assist you with obtaining full and fair compensation to those who have suffered hit and run injuries. We are known within the legal industry and the Oakville community for our trial work and results making sure clients do not suffer financially due to somebody else’s mistakes.

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