Oakville Boating Accident Lawyer

Many Oakville boating accidents are preventable and occur because people do not appreciate the dangers of boating. Many people tend to operate boats the same way they operate their automobiles. Unfortunately, you cannot quickly stop a boat when speeding, they do not turn as well as automobiles and such activity could cause boats to capsize or result in passengers being ejected from the boat. Once ejected from a boat, individuals can easily drown, if they do not know where to swim, are not wearing life jackets or are intoxicated. Also, many boaters who are ejected can be easily rendered unconscious by striking their head before falling


Boat and water craft operators have a responsibility to operate their vessels safely in order to avoid boating accidents. This includes the care and control of a boat or water craft and fully understanding how their vessels operates, and complying with all provincial laws. They must also maintain their boat and not operate while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. On average there are over 40 boating deaths a year and over 150 boating fatalities in Canada.

It is reported only 1/3 of boat owners take safety boating courses and pass the operator competency regulations. Boats require specific attention if victims fall overboard, if their boats capsize while boating at night, while boating in rough water, while boating in numbers, driving an overloaded boat, or learning how to properly maintain their boat. There are rules and regulations of the water that an accident lawyer must know in order to be competent in the field.

It is important you contact an Oakville boating accident lawyer who has the experience investigating boating accidents in Ontario and knows how to gather all of the liability evidence before it is lost.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a boating accident, ship accident, water craft accident, house boat accident, water skiing accident, or if a loved one has unfortunately lost their life as the result of the negligence of a boat owner or operator, we can help. Contact us today at 905-337-9568 or complete your no-obligation consultation form today.