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Winterize your pool to avoid injuries


After a long, warm autumn the cold weather has arrived to stay in southern Ontario, which means the time has come to winterize your pool. Backyard pools pose a variety of safety risks during the winter months, so taking the time to carefully inspect your property and establish proper safeguards will reduce your risk of accidents and hopefully eliminate any need for an Ontario personal injury lawyer.

Here are some things to consider when winterizing your pool this year.


Pools are dangerous to young children during the winter and summer months. It’s important to educate your kids about the dangers pools can present: make sure they understand and adhere to general pool safety rules and ensure they are confident and capable swimmers.

Toys and accessories

At the end of the swimming season, be sure to carefully remove clutter from the poolside and place all toys and accessories in your garage or shed. Obstacles around your pool present a tripping hazard, particularly as the days become shorter and darker.

If a person suffers an injury by tripping over an item left around your pool, they may have reason to contact an Ontario personal injury lawyer. Make sure your yard is clean, clear, and safe.


Freezing can do extensive damage to your pool. Before sub-zero temperatures reach your city, you should drain some of the water from your pool, put away your diving board or slide, and drain your filter, pump, and chemical-feeding equipment.

Once your pool is ready for winter, make sure to cordon it off to prevent pets, children, or visitors from straying too close. Remember: just because your pool isn’t full doesn’t mean that it’s safe.


A strong, sturdy winter cover is an essential piece of safety equipment, particularly for in-ground pools. Make sure your cover conceals the entire pool and ensure that it is properly secured; you don’t want it to become dislodged during a winter storm.

Each year, make sure to inspect your cover for tears or holes. These can be caused by falling tree branches, heavy snow buildups, or even jagged pieces of ice.

Contact an Ontario personal injury lawyer

If you suffer an injury relating to a residential pool, consider contacting an Ontario personal injury lawyer for advice. The seasoned professionals at Will Davidson LLP have been serving clients in Oakville and the wider GTA for years, and have experience in a wide range of personal injury and accident cases. Call us today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.


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