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Avoid accidents during construction season in the GTA


Spring has officially arrived in Ontario! Across Canada, this transition is cause for annual celebration: the heavy boots and jackets are put away, the days get longer, and cottage season is right around the corner.

But as drivers in Oakville, Toronto, and the rest of the GTA are well aware, summer doesn’t come without its hardships, and chief among those is road construction. The region’s population is surging and its infrastructure is struggling to keep up, which means commuters can expect another summer of jackhammers and congestion.

Unfortunately, it may also mean a busy season for motor vehicle accident lawyers. Construction zones are a risky environment for drivers, workers, and pedestrians alike, and motorists must take extra caution to avoid inflicting injury on themselves or others. Let’s have a look at some measures you can take to avoid accidents.

Slow down

“There is a reason speed fines double in construction zones – to help foster a safe work environment for Ontario’s construction workers,” said OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair in a 2016 release from the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA).

Road workers aren’t the only people that benefit from reduced speeds in construction zones. These work environments can be chaotic spaces, and travelling through them at high speeds reduces your ability to react to sudden impediments on the road. If you need to slam on your breaks, you put the cars behind you at risk; if you lose control of your vehicle, workers and pedestrians in the vicinity could be hurt. When you encounter a construction zone this summer, take your time and trust that the reduced speed is posted for a reason.

Stay alert

Law enforcement, motor vehicle accident lawyers and other advocacy groups have worked hard to highlight the dangers of distracted driving: cell phones, laptops, books, or passengers that take your eyes off the road significantly increase your chance of injury. This is especially true in construction zones, which are less stable environments than empty highways.

As you approach work zones this summer, end your hands-free phone call, turn down the baseball game on the radio, and devote your full attention to the task at hand.

Treat construction zones as if they were your own workplace

This tip comes directly from the ORBA, who said in its May 2016 release that “construction zones are workplaces and should be treated with respect and consideration for their workers.”

The motor vehicle accident lawyers at Will Davidson LLP couldn’t agree more: road workers, especially on routes where vehicles travel at high speeds, are in an inherently vulnerable position. As you navigate the construction zone, follow the workers’ instructions, obey all visible signage, and remain patient. When planning your route, leave extra time to navigate any road construction you know you will encounter.

Call the motor vehicle accident lawyers at Will Davidson LLP

If, despite these precautions, you or someone you know suffers an injury while driving through a construction zone this summer, make sure to contact the motor vehicle accident lawyers at Will Davidson LLP as soon as possible to learn more about your legal options.

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